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Plastic injection moulding

MAN Group member Barkley Plastic’s in-house design, tooling and plastic injection moulding expertise provides customers with the peace of mind that their injection moulded products are professionally project managed, from conception through to mass volume manufacture, assembly and delivery.

Barkley Plastics deliver a total package and has a wealth of experience across a wide-range of industries including Automotive, Industrial, IT, Retail, and Medical. Barkley Plastics can advise you on design for manufacture and will always develop and deliver a cost effective solution. Delivering over 50 million moulded components each year, Barkley Plastics utilise over 300 different base materials to meet unique requirements.

Plastic injection moulding is the process of high-pressure injection of raw material (thermosetting/ thermoplastic polymers) into a mould, which shapes the polymer into the desired form and final product. Moulds can be of a single cavity or multiple cavities.

Plastic Injection Moulding

Why use MAN Group for plastic injection moulding?

With a range of over 40 moulding presses, from a Microsystem 5 tonne to a large 2015 650 tonne, Barkley Plastics can operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Materials are dispensed to the machines using a fully automated system where they are prepared and dried to eliminate any contamination.

The member can also offer 2 shot moulding, gas injection, ultrasonic welding and its own Patented ‘In Mould Welding’, using the very latest robotic technologies.


One of the largest injection moulding Toolroom facilities in the UK

Designing and manufacturing mould tools for the Automotive, Medical and Electrical Industries, working to customer specific requirements and tight tolerances, has given Barkley Plastics vast experience in understanding what goes into a winning design.

Barkley Plastics will project manage, assist with design and manufacture methods, and will take on responsibility from start to finish to ensure the most stringent specifications are adhered to.

Full service plastic injection moulding solution

Plastic injection moulding
40 moulding presses
24/7 operation
Over 300 different base materials
In-house tool making
Design & development expertise
Small to medium sized products (<1g to 2.5kg)
Automated robotic manufacture and assembly
Cosmetic components for interior trim, engineering components, lenses and light guides with high optical requirements, flame retardant components, and thermoplastic rubbers
Other capabilities
Gas injection moulding
Two shot moulding
In mould internal weld
Automotive products and lighting

Barkley’s Business Management Systems encompasses the elements of quality, health and safety and the environment. The systems are based around the framework of the International Standards, ISO14001, ISO18001, ISO9001 and IATF16949.

Plastic Injection Moulding

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