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Electrical & Electronics Assemblies

MAN manufactures a wide range of electrical, electronic, electro-mechanical and electro-pneumatic control systems and assemblies through PP Control & Automation (PP C&A), who can design an outsourcing solution that delivers based on your specified requirements and strategies.

PP C&A has invested heavily in its own facility and specifically, in a dedicated environment adhering to the stringent demands of ESD (electro-static discharge). This dedicated and controlled environment has capacity for more complex and delicate builds, encompassing high-end PCB assemblies and box builds.

MAN Group offers full design and production capabilities. Build to print and DFM (Design for Manufacture) capabilities optimise both performance and cost and developing a strategic partnership with PP C&A reduces total acquisition costs and streamlines production with a full supply chain audit and transfer of ownership.

A contract electronics manufacturing service is a term used for the design, manufacture, test, and distribution of electronic components and assemblies for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). The discipline often combines printed circuit board assemblies, wire harnesses, fabrication of enclosures, testing and more for an integration or ‘box build’ service.

Electrical & Electronics Assemblies

Why use MAN Group for electrical & electronics assembly?

Working with OEMs in many different markets, including food processing, packaging, printing, machine tool, medical, power generation and transport, PP C&A is able to provide high added-value solutions, which result in significant commercial and productivity benefits to customers.

This includes high levels of production automation resulting in unsurpassed levels of customer quality, Design for Manufacture (DFM) skills that result in significant bottom line customer benefits, and complete manufacturing solution that provides significant and tangible cost down opportunities.

As your outsourcing partner with a comprehensive set of manufacturing disciplines and connections, PP C&A will develop a strategy that builds in plenty of benefits.

The real business benefits of strategic outsourcing

An increasing number of OEMs are choosing strategic outsourcing as part of an overall production and supply chain strategy. Partnering with a strategic outsourcing arm allows you to delegate non-core activities and win back the time you need to focus on your core business competencies. Product innovation, research & development and sales & marketing to name but a few.

A comprehensive list of the benefits you can expect as part of an electrical & electronics assembly outsourcing solution with PP C&A is displayed further down.

Full service electrical & electronics assembly solution

Strategic outsourcing benefits
Optimise costs associated with production and related overheads
Reduction in total manufacturing costs
Reduces the financial risk and exposure, especially in markets where demand can change quickly.
Elimination of unnecessary stock and reduction of Work In Progress (WIP)
Improves cash flow
Improves manufacturing lead times
Flexible and responsive production to the typical ‘peaks and troughs’ of demand
Provides an extension to your own engineering, supply chain and production support capabilities
Reduces the need for costly sub-contract labour at busy times
Reduces the likelihood of redundancies during quiet times
Time to market and scalability
The faster the machine development, production readiness and commercialisation, the faster that revenue stream can be delivered
Access to highly skilled and trained workforce
Creates a fixed cost of ownership
Provides you with price stability

Full CEM production & engineering capabilities
Electrical control & automation
Electronics assembly
Pneumatics, hydraulics & fluid integration
Mechanical design & assembly
Vacuum chambers & gas management integration
Cable harnesses & interconnectivity
Early design concepts & design for manufacture and assembly (DFMA) plus product standardisation & design approval processes
Supply chain design & optimisation. Cross-functional project management
Machine build, test and logistics and established technical partnerships

PP C&A can offer a complete UL solution in line with very specific needs. PP C&A is also certified to ISO:14001 accreditation and the holder of numerous innovation, best facility and company of the year accolades

Electrical & Electronics Assemblies

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