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Tube Bending & Manipulation

Tube bending & manipulation

MAN Group member Lister is a leading provider of tube manipulation services through group company Listertube. Listertube can provide a full CNC tube manipulation, up to 76mm, and end forming and tube assembly service, including welding and finishing, for both seamless and welded tube. In addition, Listertube is a major distributor of seamless tube.

Listertube is also the sole UK distributor for the world-renowned automotive Bundy Tube.

Listertube maintain, and constantly expand a wide selection of tooling to provide an extensive “off-the-shelf” solution. A UK-wide full-service subcontract tube and bar manipulation capability, backed up by fabrication, assembly and finishing resources to provide you with the complete solution to your tube-related needs is available.

Tube bending is a metal forming process used to permanently bend and manipulate tubing, generally performed using round stock. A variety of single or multiple bends shape the piece into the desired end form. Tube bending can be form-bound or utilise freeform-bending procedures, heat supported or using cold forming techniques.

Tube Bending & Manipulation

Why use MAN Group for tube bending?

Small and large radius bending is available from Listertube’s range of draw and push bend CNC machines, in tube diameters from 4mm (1/8″) to 76mm (3″).

With a complete range of CNC tube bending equipment and associated capabilities, from one-offs to volume production, if it involves tube then Listertube is your ideal partner.

Listertube can also advise at the design phase to improve production lead times and any associated downtime throughout the process.

Complimentary tube bending processes

Complementary processes which Listertube can provide include tube end forming and fittings assembly, laser and plasma cutting of tube and associated components, brazing, welding, plating, painting, assembling and kitting.

Cleaning capabilities include deburring, pelleting, ultrasonic bath cleaning, shot blasting, and options for plugging, capping or bagging. For identification and traceability purpose, Listertube operate both pin-stamping and laser etching marking systems.

Full service tube bending solution

Tube and bar bending
4 mm (1/8″) to 76 mm (3″) diameter CNC tube and bar bending
Up to 50 mm by 50 mm rectangular tube
Extensive range of draw bend radius tooling
CNC multi-stack for multiple radii and CNC push bending for larger radii
Combined CNC draw and push bender for complex solutions
NC, manual machines and hand bending for small diameter/complex solutions
Mild steel, aluminium, copper, stainless steel and cupro-nickel (kunifer)

End forming & fitting
Extensive range of tube end forming tooling
Machines covering bespoke forms
Standard flaring and beading forms such as ORFS, Triple-Lok and Walform
Supply and/or fit all the relevant fittings
Fit standard hydraulic and pneumatic end fittings, nuts and rings, ex stock, either loose, or assembled to DIN 2353
Machined hose-tail ends on our tubes
Can provide suitable scalloped ends

Kit supply & tube supply
Kit supply management including clear documentation, from simple bundled kits, through to line-side supply and consignment stock arrangements
Over 130,000 metres of seamless tube in all common sizes in stock
Sole UK distributor for the world renowned Bundy Tube which is a specialist double walled tube with outstanding performance in high pressure vibration fatigue resistance applications
Tube cutting / cleaning / fabrication / finishing / marking
Accurately cut to length before or after bending
Straight lengths of tube cut to size
Automatic cut-off saw for high volumes, bulk and bundle cutting
Laser or plasma cut complex shapes into the tube
Flow drilling and tapping to produce threaded bushes
Ultrasonic bath
In-house brazing, MIG and TIG welding
Assembly from installing and fitting to bolting together sub components
Finishing in a wide variety of plating or paint coatings
Tube marking capabilities including pin engraving and laser etching

Listertube is a firm believer in having the right systems in place to ensure that everything works smoothly so that the customer always get the best service. We operate, and are registered to, internationally recognised systems for quality management, health and safety management and environmental management.

Tube Bending & Manipulation

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