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In 2023, the MAN Group launched its MANifesto in response to the lack of a coherent industrial strategy for the UK, as we aim to restore its position as a manufacturing powerhouse in the 21st century.

Each of our member companies believe the four pillars of Investment, People, International Trade and Sustainability & Net Zero should form the overarching approach, and will form the guiding principles for the individual businesses inside the collective.

The MANifesto also calls on more tailored manufacturing support, and we call on the powers in Whitehall to do their bit to facilitate growth by providing such support and in removing some of the bureaucratic barriers currently in place.

Between its members, the group covers more than 15 sectors and have a real appreciation for the challenges facing industry, but equally importantly the massive opportunities that exist with the right backing.

The MANifesto launched with airtime on BBC Radio 5’s Wake Up to Money programme, where MAN Group Co-Chair Peter Davies, articulated why the lack of industrial strategy needs to be challenged. The interview begins at 46:20 here.


The MANifesto in full


  1. Direct funding for technical apprenticeships, graduates and upskilling existing staff that reaches all part of the supply chain, in order to futureproof skills for years to come and encourage lifelong learning
  2. Leveraging of links with academia to attract and deliver more young people into manufacturing and develop the leaders of tomorrow
  3. A commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion, increasing engagement with under-represented groups, including but not limited to ethnic minorities, women and those who are less able
  4. Balanced wellbeing in the workplace and ensuring there is mental health support for all

International Trade

  1. A Government commitment to support reshoring by encouraging inward investment and subsidising export activity designed to bring work back
  2. UK Government infrastructure spend to be ring-fenced for the UK
  3. Increased supply chain security by strategic investment in capability building and attracting global OEM and tier 1 activity
  4. Easier access to funded support that grows international trade


  1. Specialist assistance to accelerate the implementation of automation, digitalisation and technology
  2. Development of tailored, straightforward, easy to access manufacturing support programmes to replace EU-funded initiatives
  3. National level R&D investment and product development support, backed up by flexible funding that is free of red tape
  4. More freedom and funding to support investment in R&D and new product development
  5. Funded support to aid energy intensive industries to upgrade to high efficiency equipment, and the development of a long-term energy security policy

Sustainability & Net Zero

  1. New ways of supporting UK manufacturing innovation to create greener products and technologies for all sectors
  2. Access to investment to make factories greener and support to accelerate industrial decarbonisation
  3. A national business energy efficiency programme to help UK manufacturers beat the energy crisis and decarbonise


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