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In 2020, the MAN Group launched its Post Covid-19 MANifesto to detail the support the sector needs if it is to recover from the pandemic and restore its position as a manufacturing powerhouse in the 21st century.

Signed by MDs from the ten companies, the 10-point plan focuses on the development of a coherent cross-party industrial strategy and a commitment to reshoring that will help build the domestic capability and supply chain so the UK can produce critical components and life-saving equipment.

It also calls on more dedicated manufacturing support, introduction of immediate stimulus packages for critical industries and sustainable investment to help with the transition to the ‘green economy’ and the transport revolution (automated, connected, electrified and shared mobility).

Between its members, the group cover more than 15 sectors and have a real appreciation for the challenges facing industry, but equally importantly the massive opportunities that exist with the right backing.

The 10-point MANifesto in full


Development of a coherent cross-party industrial strategy policy that separates job creation from productivity.



A commitment to support reshoring by subsidising overseas investment/ trade and ensuring the majority of Government infrastructure spend is ring-fenced for the UK.


Continued investment in innovation and academic/industrial collaborations, with the Catapult Centres benefiting from a stronger manufacturing steer.


Additional funding towards tailored Manufacturing support programmes, which help businesses grow sales and upgrade systems so they can meet global standards and take advantage of post-Brexit export opportunities.


Coherent plan and investment strategy to maximise the opportunities around healthcare and the transport revolution (automated, connected, electrified and shared mobility).


A commitment to the transition to the ‘green economy’ and net zero emissions.


Direct funding for technical apprenticeships and graduates, so we have young people that are industry-ready.


Specialist assistance to accelerate the implementation of the latest automation and digitisation tools.


Reinvent a world leading R&D initiative, which provides significant tax relief across all sectors.


Implement economic stimulus packages to encourage consumers to spend again, including introduction of the car scrappage scheme and a cut in VAT.


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