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Established in 1874, James Lister & Sons is one of the largest independent engineering service and supply companies in the UK with six locations throughout the West Midlands and South Wales.

The group capabilities range from sub-contract tube manipulation, end forming and fabrication to the provision of hydraulic and pneumatic solutions for MRO and OEM clients. Other specialist manufacturing capabilities include 3D printing, laser etching and the manufacture of proprietary high pressure valves for severe service defence and power applications and air jacks for racing touring cars.

As well as this comprehensive range of manufacturing capabilities, we also supply engineering consumables including cutting tools and lubricants, fasteners, hand tools, hygiene products, office supplies and workwear.

Listers prides itself on having a friendly, knowledgeable and experienced team who provide exceptional customer service to their clients  across numerous sectors including defence, medical, automotive and motorsport.

James Lister & Sons

Group companies

James Lister & Sons Limited is a well known name in the Midlands, with a heritage over 145 years old. The business is organised into four main engineering activities; listersupplies, listerfluidpower, listertube and listersubcontract.

In addition to phone and email orders, an online ordering facility is available for the following items:

☉ Tools
☉ Industrial consumables
☉ Maintenance supplies
☉ Lubricant oils & greases
☉ Hygiene & janitorial
☉ Workwear & safetywear
☉ Cleaning machines
☉ Office supplies

With a fleet of more than 20 delivery vehicles covering the greater Midlands area and six strategically placed branches in the Midlands, Lister can cater for all of your industrial supplies.
Lister Fluid Power was established more than 40 years ago as a division of James Lister & Sons Limited.

It covers every aspect of fluid power requirement from products, service and maintenance contracts through to a twenty four hour call out service for on-site support.

High levels of quality and customer service are at the forefront of all that Listerfluidpower do as it aims to be your first choice for fluid power.
Listertube supplies tube manipulated components and assemblies throughout the UK and overseas.

Utilising CNC bending machines, multi-stack push/draw systems and end-forming machines, Lister can supply any quantities of tube from single prototype to small batch or high volume.
Lister subcontract
Whether you have a peak demand or are looking for an outsource partner for a particular operation, Listersubcontract offers a wide range of services to support your activity including assembly and light engineering activities.

Listersubcontract is able to provide one-offs through to volume production in order to accommodate the customers’ needs.

Services include:

☉ Forming
☉ Laser etching
☉ Assembly
☉ Kitting
☉ Aftermarket
James Lister & Sons
Peter Davies

Peter Davies

Chief Executive & MAN Co-Chair
James Lister & Sons

James Lister & Sons
James Lister & Sons


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