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Industrial design

MAN Group partner Grove Design offers a wide scope of industrial design services across several industry sectors, ranging from industrial tools and equipment to automotive transmission systems and waste recycling plants.

A dedicated multi-disciplinary design office can work from concept through to definition for manufacture. This is paired together with a state-of-the-art studio, which combines the latest 3D CAD modelling and analysis with significant production experience.

Grove take design concepts for industrial products and turn them into actual products that are commercial and practical.

Industrial design is a process applied to products that are to be manufactured through techniques of mass production. It can be influenced by factors as varied as materials, production processes, business strategy, and prevailing social, commercial, or aesthetic attitudes. It often provides solutions for problems of form, function, physical ergonomics, brand development, and sustainability.

Industrial Design

Why use MAN Group for industrial design?

With over 15 years of experience working in this sector, Grove Design help clients to achieve their product and production objectives. Grove specialise in product design, engineering design, automotive design, waste recycling plant design and drawing office services and support.

Grove deliver solutions that include vehicle drivetrains, special purpose machinery, processing plants and assistance with new product development.

Initial concept, virtual design prototypes, CAE simulation and testing to full scale pre-production models forms the basis of a comprehensive design and testing service, allowing for reduced time to market and a competitive advantage.

The Grove Design team are highly skilled and experienced and cherish the challenge of new design projects and supporting extra workloads. With vast experience in design for automotive and unlike many of its competitors, Grove has access to a dedicated off-road test track, making the company a critical partner to the automotive sector.

Initial concept to pre-production models

In all projects, Grove can offer a full service from initial concept, virtual design prototypes, CAE simulation and testing to full scale pre-production models, giving customers a comprehensive design and testing service.

This allows customers to significantly reduce the time from initial concept to production and save them time and money, increasing their competitive advantage. The team of highly skilled and experienced designers use the most up to date 3D CAD, such as SolidWorks® and CAE software.

Once a design is agreed, using specialist software, Grove can subject all parts of the design to analysis, testing all aspects of its performance under real time conditions and identify any potential problems before any production is carried out. After prototyping and testing, the product moves into production where Grove can offer information for tooling and jigs, assembly and materials handling so that the production process runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible.


Full service industrial design solution

Product & engineering design
Product concept in 2D and translated into fully functioning 3D design
Simulation & modelling
Product analysis
Prototyping & testing
Production & manufacturing support

Waste recycling plant design
Design layout of recycling facility based on tonnage per hour
Operational costing
Design layout based on labour/manual input
Selection and consideration of machinery
Upgrading and expanding existing facilities
Environmental impact analysis
Health and safety requirement
Transportation and distribution

Drawing office support & services
Special project design and development
Archiving and document management
Project management
The most up to date CAD and CAE software systems
Design of a one off project or on-going support to a customer’s existing staff

Automotive design
Drive train design & general automotive design
All wheel drive systems
Drivetrain mechanics
Drivetrain Control-ECU and Software Design
Prototyping and Testing
Design of control panels
Design of lighting units
Design of wiring looms

Grove abide to stringent design and continuous improvement processes to meet the expectations of its customers and to ensure that analytical methods used will unearth potential problems to be considered and addressed. DFMEA, Design for manufacturability (DFM), and Design for Assembly (DFA) are all key disciplines applied.

Industrial Design

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