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Aluminium casting & machining

Alucast was formed in 1967 and is based in the heart of the West Midlands, offering a single-source manufacturing solution for the supply of fully machined sand, gravity and high-pressure aluminium castings.

Alucast’s modern facilities include an aluminium gravity die foundry, a sand casting facility, a high-pressure diecasting department, a newly created low pressure facility and a fully-equipped machine shop.

Accredited to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO/TS 16949:2009, Alucast is an industry leading provider with a complete and bespoke service. Starting with expert advice and design to development, materials and tooling, Alucast’s innovative approach enables the supply of award-winning high integrity structural parts.


Capability & capacity

A single-source manufacturing solution, modern manufacturing facilities and the latest equipment.

High Pressure Die Casting
☉ Purpose built high pressure die casting facility
☉ Capacity to manufacture castings up to 3 Kilogrammes
☉ Up to 200 castings per hour
☉ Computer controlled die casting machines
Gravity Die Casting
☉ Medium to high volume production
☉ The process uses a permanent mould
☉ Capacity to manufacture castings up to 50 kilograms
☉ Weekly capacity of approximately 25 tonnes
☉ Manual and automated production methods
☉ Enables the manufacture of complex, internal shapes
☉ Castings can be heat treated onsite
Sand Casting
☉ Alucast’s most versatile casting process
☉ Used for the manufacture of prototypes and regular production items
☉ Capacity to manufacture castings as small as 50gms (Airset facility)
☉ Gas and electric melting, rotary de-gassing and gas analysing
☉ Able to produce castings with very low gas porosity
☉ Castings can be fully heat treated onsite
☉ Fully machined parts to specification
☉ CNC with 5-axis capability
☉ Tolerances are measured in microns
☉ Vast experience machining cast aluminium
Added value
☉ Heat treatment facilities
☉ Surface treatment facilities
☉ Concept to service capability


Complete and bespoke service from expert advice to manufacture.

Assist new and existing customers with the design of new castings
Technical expertise to develop a product from the initial prototype sand casting to full production
Alloys expertly selected based on design, economics and part-specific criteria
☉ Wood, resin or metal form Sand Castings tooling
☉ Iron or steel, single or multi-impression Gravity Die Castings tooling
☉ Treated steel, single or multi-impression High Pressure Castings tooling
☉ Casting simulation software
☉ Less scrap, reduced rework and fewer customer rejects


Alucast prides itself on quality and surpassing the most stringent engineering requirements.

☉ ISO 9001:2008 Internationally recognised quality management system
☉ ITAF 16949:2016ISO technical specification which aligns existing US, German, French, and Italian automotive quality system standards
Tony Sartorius

Tony Sartorius

Chairman & Owner


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