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Founded in 1985, Nemco is one of the UK’s leading contract manufacturing companies, focussing on low and medium volume manufacturing in the contract electronics manufacturing (CEM) arena.

Based in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, the company has customers based around the world, ranging from internationally recognised industrial companies to specialised laboratory and medical equipment manufacturers.

Its electronic manufacturing services include board layout, surface mount and conventional build, testing including Jtag and XJtag, conformal and certonal coating, full box build, cable harnesses through to shipping direct to the end customer.

The company prides itself on a culture of continuous improvement, which brings it to the forefront of the electronics manufacturing market. A big contributor to this success has been the ability to become an extension of its customers business and a partner in their product development, so that they may concentrate on their own core skills and ensure that the product quality is not compromised.



Nemco is based at a 5,500 square metre, state of the art production facility in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, allowing the company to offer a full range of services and capabilities.

☉ SMT – 6 High Speed Manufacturing Lines consisting of 3 X SM482PLUS, 2 x Samsung SM320, 5 x Samsung SM482, 1 x Samsung SM451 odd form placement machine, 1 X Samsung SM485 odd form placement machine all with µBGA capability.
☉ Paste and Glue Dispensing – 6 x Dek Horizon 03iX and 1 x SMTech AVX400 Automated
☉ Reflow – 4 x Folungwin FL-VP860 (10 Zone) Reflow Ovens, 1 x Folungwin FL-VP860N (10 Zone) Reflow Oven (with Nitrogen capability) & 1 x Folungwin FLN-VP1260N (12 Zone) Reflow Oven (with Nitrogen capability)
Assembly cont.
☉ Ionic Contamination Testing – Gen3 CM22 Contaminometer
☉ Flow Soldering is provided by Blundell CMS400D Dual Wave Models and CMS400LF (Lead Free)
☉ Aqueous PCB Cleaning System, Miele PG8593
☉ PCB Cleaning by a Kerry Microsolve 450/2 CO-Solvent Fully Automated System
☉ Blundell SC800 Stencil Cleaner
☉ Pillarhouse ‘JadeMk11’ Selective Solder Machine
☉ Pillarhouse ‘Jade Prodex’ Selective Solder Machine
☉ Blundell Cropmatics x 2
☉ Moisture Control – Boss Vacuum Packing and Sealing Machine
☉ 3 off Contax CS-400C Cut and Clinch Machines
☉ MY500 Jet Printer


Nemco offers the very latest in PCB assembly services and electronics manufacturing, with diverse capabilities ranging from thru-hole to the latest in surface mount µBGA, 0201 and fine pitch technology. With Kanban, buffering and Ship to Line options all available, the company has multiple options combining to deliver again specific customer needs.

Additional services
☉ ISO 7 (Class 10,000) Clean Room measuring 6×6 metres
☉ PVA2000 Fully Automated Conformal Coating System
☉ Certonal Coating
☉ ERSA IR550A – BGA, CSP & Fine Pitch Rework Station
☉ Universal IC Programmer and Test Systems
☉ External Database from IHS Markit
☉ Nordson ASYMTEK’s Select Coat SL-940 Conformal Coating System
☉ Positector 6000 Micron Measuring System


Nemco’s fully trained personnel work to industry recognised IPC standards in a continuous improvement environment to provide quality assured products. Nemco always endeavours to understand and exceed customer expectations. The company constantly monitors levels of customer satisfaction, which helps to prevent defects, provides quality to the highest standards, and ensures that processes are continuously improving, whilst maintaining on-time delivery.

☉ EN 9100:2018 (AS9100) Rev D (ISO9001:2015)
☉ ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management
☉ Cyber Essentials Plus
☉ CyberOptics SQ3000 x 2
☉ Nordson Yestech YTV-BX Benchtop AOI with SPC Data Collection x 3
☉ Mirtec MV-2 Benchtop AOI x 3
☉ Nikon XT V 160 BGA X-Ray Inspection Machine
☉ Ersascope 2 plus µBGA and flip chip capable
☉ Vision ‘Mantis’ Inspection Viewers x 10
☉ Takaya APT-9411
☉ Teradyne 21803-2 ATE Systems
☉ XJTag Developer
☉ Environmental Chamber
☉ Ersascope 2 plus µBGA and flip chip capable
☉ Universal IC programmer & test system
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David Pearce

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