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Manufacturing Services

Aluminium Casting

The MAN Group offer precisely toleranced, fully machined and finished aluminium casting from four processes: sand, gravity, high pressure and …

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CNC & Conventional Machining

The MAN Group boasts one of the largest privately owned subcontract operations in the UK with group member Muller, providing …

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Contract Electronics Manufacturing

A wide range of high-quality contract electronics manufacturing services including surface mount technology, conventional assembly, and testing is available through …

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Electrical & Electronics Assemblies

MAN manufactures a wide range of electrical, electronic, electro-mechanical and electro-pneumatic control systems and assemblies through PP Control & Automation.

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Engineering Supplies

MAN Group member James Lister & Sons Limited provides all forms of engineering and industrial supplies and tools, lubricants, workwear …

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Fluid Power

More than 40 years ago, MAN member James Lister & Sons Limited, established its fluid power business, Listerfluidpower. The business …

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MAN Group member KimberMills International is a specialist metal forging company, offering forgings, drop forgings, hammer forgings, press forgings and …

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Industrial Design

MAN Group partner Grove Design offers a wide scope of industrial design services across several industry sectors, ranging from industrial …

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Metal Stamping

MAN Group member Brandauer is one of the largest contract presswork and precision stamping companies in Europe, manufacturing precision metal …

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Tube Bending & Manipulation

MAN Group member Lister is a leading provider of tube manipulation services through group company Listertube, providing a full CNC …

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