Warwick Manufacturing Group

WMG has a dedicated team that supports SMEs in the West Midlands with the application of research led innovation to develop new products, processes and services that deliver the ultimate customer experience.

The team is based at the International Institute for Product and Service Innovation, a facility which houses cutting edge Additive Layer Manufacturing, Injection Moulding, Compounding and Extrusion capabilities as well as the latest tools and equipment to test and design the next generation of Smart and Internet connected devices.

The WMG SME Team supports approximately one hundred SMEs a year. To date, it has worked with MAN to develop novel prototypes, undertake materials analysis and capture funding for capital equipment.

Benefits of using WMG

Aluminium Casting
CNC Machining
Contract Electronics Manufacturing
Electrical & Electronic Assemblies
High Volume Precision Pressings
Industrial Design
PCB Manufacture
Plastic Injection Moulding & Tool Making
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Key Sectors
Manufacturing Excellence