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High Volume Precision Stamping

Brandauer is one of the largest contract presswork and precision stamping companies in Europe, manufacturing metal components for customers around the world.

It offers the complete range of services required for the supply of pressed metal components: from prototyping, design and in-house tool production (or a specialist tool transfer service) through to high-quality manufacturing and logistics.

Since Brandauer was founded more than 150 years ago, it has evolved into a world-class engineering company.

Technical excellence, customer service and product value are central to everything it does and the company prides itself on a unique ability to turn difficult and challenging requirements into positive manufacturing outcomes.

Brandauer currently offers the latest production technology, with a press range from 5 tonne to 125 tonnes. Alongside a comprehensive range of Bruderer and Haulick Roos Power Presses (18 T – 125 T), it also operates Hydraulic and Hydro-Pneumatic 5T Hare Presses, Seyi (25 T – 80 T) and Minster (45 T – 60 T) Power Presses.

In addition, the firm provides bespoke modular manufacturing systems for pre-forming, stamping and in-die riveting/tapping, along with a range of semi-automated systems designed to ensure minimal human involvement in the on-going production process.

More videos from Brandauer: What is a Micron?

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